About Us


The Wool Felt Shop from Cian Brennan on Vimeo.

The Wool Felt Shop came about through owner Jamie Lewis's increasing interest in the qualities of different wools and felt as a design material. Originally an umbrella brand for Jamie's various crafts and design projects, it has evolved into a design concept of its own - a physical workshop/shop and online shop for products designed and made in wool felt.

We design and make products that we love ourselves and we're fanatical about materials, textures and colours. We're particularly interested in the natural un-dyded shades of wools from different breeds of sheep. We use these as the base for most of our products, complementing them only with one dyed wool, a yarn or another natural fibre such as linen. We use industrially made pressed wool felt where it makes sense and make our own by hand for parts industry can't do.